„Cellular Automata“ collection is a jewelry set, designed through the use of a mathematical algorithm called „The Game of Life“ – where each instance is completely unique, possesses extreme geometrical complexity and can has the potential to be easily branched into an infinite number of variations. „The Game of Life“ is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state, which is determined by the designer or / and the customer. The Game of Life was created by a mathematician John Horton Conway. It is an infinite, two-dimensional orthogonal grid of square cells, each of which is in one of two possible states, live or dead (or populated and unpopulated, respectively). Every cell interacts with its neighbours creating complex two-dimensional patterns. „Cellular Automata“ collection was created based on „The Game of Life ” algorithm transferring it into three-dimensional space creating a volumetric object, which was further processed using another – „Marching-cubes“ algorithm. This collection was created using advanced manufacturing techniques and parametric design. Each piece can be printed in a range of different metals or other materials using multiple 3D printing techniques. The creative process of these jewelry objects can be divided into three stages. The First Stage: the author takes up the role of “an engineer”, where they create a system, which can generate an infinite amount of possible designs. The Second Stage: the author takes up the role of “a curator”, where they select most suitable versions for the final output. The Final – Third Stage: the author takes up the role of “a designer” where they are able to adapt, modify and manipulate selected forms thus taking back the control of the final object outcome from the process itself.